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1. 365 white and pink sand beaches.
2. A hop, skip and jump from the USA – only four hours from the eastern seaboard. Travel is easily arranged on major carriers such as American, Continental, Delta and US Airways.
3. Romance -- named the best island for a destination wedding for the past two years.
4. Historic sites such as Betty’s Hope sugar mill, St. John’s Cathedral and Nelson’s Dockyard.
5. Sailing Week: Take part in this world-renowned regatta! Sign up to be a deck hand or merely an observer and enjoy sailing at its very best.
6. Soft adventures — scuba, snorkeling, boating, fishing, and much, much more.
7. It’s an English-speaking island, so there are no communication barriers.
8. Authentic, mouth-watering Caribbean cuisine.
9. Natural wonders including the rainforest, Frigate Bird Sanctuary and Devil’s Bridge.
10. Crystal clear turquoise water.
11. Sunny and warm all year with soothing trade winds.
12. Accommodations ranging from intimate boutique hotels to all-inclusive resorts with pricing to suit every budget.
13. Two islands in one – Barbuda is just 15-minute flight or 90-minute ferry ride from Antigua.
14. Revel in the warmth and hospitality of Antiguans and Barbudans, long considered some of the friendliest people on the planet!
15. Ranked as Best Island for Celeb Spotting by Caribbean Travel & Life magazine.
16. Wile the night away at Paradise Casino – the largest Casino in the Eastern Caribbean.
17. Exploring underground caves at Indian Town in Antigua, rumored to stretch all the way to Guadeloupe.
18. A 17-mile pristine and untouched pink shell beach in Barbuda.
19. Cultural heritage that includes an annual Carnival celebration and a fierce devotion to cricket.
20. Refreshing tropical concoctions using Antigua’s own Cavalier rum and the famous sweet, black pineapple.
21. Relaxation nirvana – unique Caribbean treatments at luxury spas will help guide guests on the path to ultimate rejuvenation.
22. Family-friendly accommodations with special activities to keep the little ones occupied while parents escape on their own excursions.
23. A new zip line eco-tour that is sure to stimulate and excite.
24. Three words – duty free shopping.
25. Did we mention, 365 white and pink sand beaches?


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